Comfortable, Casual Fine Dining

A novel vision for food, fun and flavour

You don’t need to look far to find parallels between the epic poem and the origin of our restaurant concept. While Odysseus’ journey may have been sprinkled with gods and mythical creatures, his ingenuity and persistence were the characteristics he’s most remembered for. Our collective journey to now has equally been paved with challenges and great lessons, though fewer mythical creatures... With decades of experience to draw upon, we have curated a casual fine dining experience unlike any other – a journey in its own right. From the freshness of our flavoursome, locally sourced produce to the knowledgeable, welcoming service you receive, you’ll be transported away on an epic adventure every time you visit. 

Two guys, one vision

Owners, Scott and Jason met over a shared devotion to life in hospitality. They knew what they liked, and when the time came to open their own dream casual fine dining restaurant, they knew exactly what they wanted to share with their valued customers and dedicated team. They wanted a novel approach not only to the food they serve, but also to the lifestyle they created for themselves, their staff and their customers.

“Odyssey is a big reflection of ourselves and what we value. For us collectively, it’s taking everything we’ve experienced and what we value the most as customers and putting our own spin on it.”

Scott Thompson | Manager and Co-Owner, Odyssey Bistro

The Symbolism of Odyssey 


You might be wondering where we came up with the concepts in our branding. As with all good things, there’s more than one meaning you could take from our name and imagery. Of course, there’s the tale of Odysseus and his epic journey to return home to Ithaca. There’s us, and the culinary journey we’re on as a team, constantly moving forward and trying new things. Then there’s you and the food journey we take you on every time you visit. As for the trident? That’s got a few layers, too. The trident belonged to Poseidon, who cursed Odysseus and presented him with all sorts of challenges on his journey home. But ours is pointed forward to represent the momentum we have built, and our desire to push for more, try new things and never, ever stagnate.

Ready for your own Odyssey?