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We are a crew of adventurers, dreamers and provocateurs.

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Scott Thompson


Favourite dining experience: Nahm, Bangkok, Thailand

Why:  I was blown away by the level of attention to detail that had been placed on every step of the overall dining experience.  Our server to this day has been one of the most memorable hospitality professionals due to her knowledge and skill towards her job. The ingredients used and variety of dishes received at the table was an amazing, almost overwhelming, experience for any foodie. 

I grew up just over the Tasman there in Tauranga, New Zealand. As a kid, I camped and foraged and was totally inspired by the availability of fresh produce so easy to find in the NZ wilderness. My hospitality journey may have started here in Hervey Bay as a teenager in a KFC, but it sure has come a long way since then – across continents, and specialities. I’ve travelled, I’ve sampled, I’ve experienced every aspect of life in hospitality and I’ve brought it all together to realise my long-held vision for a new dining experience in what I now consider to be my home – Hervey Bay.


I’m obsessed with delivering the ultimate service experience, and I’m honoured to share my knowledge and expertise with you every time you come through our doors. Make sure you bring your burning questions with you when you come to dine with us. I’ll be happy to break down the story behind each ingredient, wine pairing, and even the gorgeous array of colourful pickles on our bar…

Jason England


Favourite dining experience: Fleet, Brunswick Heads

Why: A complete experience from start to finish. Food, service, atmosphere and connection made with the individual staff to make us feel comfortable like we were in their home.

I’d hadn’t *always* known I’d wanted to be a chef, but when I landed my first gig doing dishes in a bustling restaurant kitchen, I was hooked. The chaos, camaraderie and creativity of ‘back of house life’ was something I thrived in. The journey to becoming a chef had its challenges, of course. But under the guidance of COAST head chef, Nick Street-Brown, and internationally acclaimed chef, Rick Stein, I was able to harness my creativity and carve my own path. Those early years shaped the chef I am today.


I’m inspired by the possibilities that southeast Queensland produce provides. Fresh, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients are the key to everything we do. I love exploring the story that each of our dishes tells – from the producer of each ingredient to the way we prepare each element for plating. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that each plate that goes out is going to provoke, inspire and transform the expectations of our guests.