Odyssey Bistro: The complete dining experience

Simplicity | Quality | Creativity


(n. A long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience)

As you enter our relaxed dining space, you’ll be greeted by the sights, sounds and smells that signal it’s time to settle in, unwind and enjoy. Ours is an experience to be savoured. We’ll take you on a culinary journey that delights, challenges, inspires and excites. From the unique mystery of our hand-sealed menus to the distinctive crackle of needle hitting vinyl, every moment spent at Odyssey Bistro contributes to your immersion. Be sure to carve out a full evening in that busy schedule of yours, come with an empty stomach and an open mind, and surrender to the full Odyssey experience…

Fresh | Local | Seasonal

Sourced from the finest growers and providers across southeast Queensland, our food is crafted around the skill and creativity of our talented crew. What emerges from our kitchen is strongly influenced by a range of unique conditions:

  • Weather (rain, hail or shine will produce an abundance of varying food options)

  • Individual skills and experiences

  • Seasonality

  • Sustainability


No two visits to Odyssey Bistro are the same. And we wouldn’t have it any other way…

Travelling forwards, always.


For more than a decade, owners Scott Thompson and Jason England have shared a commitment to excellent service, memorable food and persistent forward momentum. Having forged the bond that the chaos of kitchen life brings they realised their ultimate vision… the collaborative venture: Odyssey Bistro. So much more than a ‘place of work’, Odyssey represents a place for ideas to flourish, the answer to an industry widely known for its gruelling conditions, a solid landing place for passionate fellow foodies to hone their craft. With an emphasis on sustainable practices and low-waste food prep, Odyssey has an eye on the future, and a knack for showcasing each product at its best.