Sit down, switch off, let go…

Just what you need from a restaurant in Hervey Bay

Few restaurants would pride themselves on the absence of a ‘regular’ menu. For us here at Odyssey Bistro in Hervey Bay, our daily changing menu is probably the first thing we want to tell you about. With produce this local, and this fresh, we roll with the seasons to deliver creative, surprising dining delights in a relaxed, sophisticated environment. A dining experience unlike any other, prepare to leave your expectations (and everything you thought you knew about your tastebuds) at the door…

A Room With a View

Our modern bistro is one of the few restaurants in Hervey Bay to boast a magnificent view of the ocean. Take in the view as you dine in classic luxury. We’ve thought out every element of your dining experience to ensure your time with us is memorable. With just 26 seats in the bistro, and six at the bar, you’ll never feel crowded, rushed or overlooked. Our attention to detail extends from the very back of the kitchen to our new outdoor dining space. Simply take your (exceptionally comfortable) seat and let us take care of everything else…

“The beauty of a regional restaurant is that we have the ability to provide a more relaxed atmosphere and really connect with our customers. We get to share our story, and find out theirs and create a genuine, lasting relationship.”

Jason England  | Chef and Co-Owner, Odyssey Bistro

Our Welcoming Staff

Our incredible team is the essence of the Odyssey Bistro experience. Knowledgeable, welcoming and as passionate about food as we are, the crew collaborate to surprise and delight at every stage of your visit.

We place a huge emphasis on nurturing the innate skills and interests of each of our team and encourage individuality wherever possible. You may have noticed we don’t have a uniform, but each of us wears a simple apron that unites us. Self expression is just one element of our unique approach, and we would equally encourage the same for our customers... If you’re comfortable, we’re comfortable.

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