From ocean (or farm) to plate

Local produce focused on quality, not quantity

Our focus is squarely on using sustainable, quality ingredients sourced from local small-scale producers. We embrace the creativity of our staff to generate new menus each day and showcase the entirety of each product we use. Every visit to Odyssey Bistro will take you on a new culinary voyage of inspiration, resourcefulness and flair. You’ll be able to taste the distance from farm to plate, as we bring you the freshest seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables from just around the corner. 

See a sample menu

Curious about our daily menu? While this won’t necessarily be what you’re eating when you arrive, please feel free to download a sample copy. You’ll get the idea… 

The Tuesday Trip

Every Tuesday, one of us will jump in the car and head off to visit a selection of local suppliers (and uncover new ones). From The Seafood Smokery in Bundaberg to The Falls Farm on the Sunshine Coast, we are proud to partner with like-minded suppliers who share our ethos of sustainability, quality,  adaptability and perseverance. The flexibility and dynamism of our uniquely short supply chain is something that truly sets us apart.

“When you start connecting more with, say, a farmer or a fisherman, and learning more about their produce you truly appreciate the full picture. These guys are subject to the whims of nature, but they persist, innovate and reimagine their craft. We take a lot of inspiration from that.”

Jason England | Chef and Co-owner, Odyssey Bistro

Experience Something New

Come with an open mind as we present you with new opportunities to expand your palate. Our simple menu will open you up to new flavours and textures, and foods you might not have considered before. Not a fish lover? You just haven’t had the right dish yet. Vegetables usually an afterthought? We’ll bring them front and centre with our flavourful, simple treatments. By the end of your meal, you’ll be looking at everything you eat with a fresh perspective (pun intended).

Experience Something New

The Falls Farm

Petersen’s Farm

Piggy In The Middle

Kalki Moon Distilling and Brewing

The Seafood Smokery

Daniel Street Fish Market

Sounds good, right?!

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